Thursday, July 25, 2013

Joel Z Williams and how poor people can fight bedbugs, the Missouri method.

V is for Vector

Another southern summer in full swing, yet this morning is rare, july 25 and the air is breezy and zero humidity. Its almost like being in the country because of  the incessant hissing of cicadas and frogs I cannot hear the traffic and other city noises. Just the whirring of nature as they build a crescendo then it subsides only to build again. The breeze gently plays with my windchime and loans a zen quality to the sound as my elephant ears nod lazily in the sun.
A nice start anyway. So I brought my tea out here to enjoy it while it lasts.

It never lasts.

You see, my house is a toxic wasteland of pesticides as I battle yet another Vector. This time- the bedbug.
It seems we have them. Still. Again.
The $400.00 treatment didn't work.
The brand new mattresses and box springs didn't work. 

If you remember last summer it was fruitflys also known as drainflys.
And the summer before that, It was lice. Then roaches. Then fleas. Then spiders.
I am a Vector magnet
Victor Vector. 

It's amazing what you learn along the way in life. The main thing I have learned is that there alot more insects in the world than people. We are outnumbered. They have power in numbers and evolution. And we are a snack. That is the long and short of it. 

I believe I poisoned myself a little yestereday in my zeal to eridicate the little buggers, I might have got a little carried away with the spray and the foggers.

And upon returing home from the 2 hour required stay away time, I opened the door and two adults were sitting on the cover of the mattress waiting on me to get close so they could "fall" on me and suck my blood. They weren't even stunned. I got pissed off then and attacked them with my last bit of spray completely covering them with a dollop of foam.

My vision is blurry due to the toxicity of my house and these happy fuckers just keep on keepin on.

In desperation, I googled other methods. In my searching I found a fellow named Joel Z Williams.

I hope you enjoy him as much as I did. Now excuse me while i go get some dry ice and clorox.