Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What the fuck?

Is going on?
The world has gone crazy.
I know, I know my parents said essentially the same thing back in the 60's when their world was going crazy with all the black people getting upset over civil rights and the young people rising up and protesting the Vietnam war among other things such as the ESTABLISHMENT.
Ok..Wait...i think its happening all over again.
My momma always said shit comes back around in style,  and all this time I thought she was talking about style  as in clothing and shoes.
And it seems old Charlie Manson was right after all. Helter Skelter. Whodathunkit?
As for White Privilege
I want to say this. If i have "white privilege", its beyond me.What is it? some invisible forcefield surrounding me? If I do, I want to be sure everyone else knows it hasn't protected me at all from Lifes Bullshit and Woe. I have no idea if I get special treatment, because I try to stay clear of the police. If one pulls me over ( less often now than when I drove a fast car) I keep my hands on the wheel till he tells me to move them. I keep my mouth shut and just take the ticket. Most of the time I was driving too fast. Or had  let my tags expire. Or both.
 Once I was driving fast away from my house because I was mad at my husband and when that cop pulled me over I burst out crying before I realized i was going to. He still gave me the ticket but he made sure I hadn't been hit or hurt. I have learned to slow down and use my cruise control and it has saved me a lot of money in tickets.

More commentary on World events to come. 

We have Helter Skelter over here, and  Dr. Evil Takes Over the World over there.

Raleigh woman says, "I hear the locusts whirring and the squirrel fell into the pool. Its the sign we have been waiting for. "

59 and holding on for dear life....

Hello Earth People......
Hello from the South Pole, The Deep South Pole.
We call it home but it is also known as:

Its a planet, a continent, a country, a territory, a state, a city, a village, a suburb, a neighborhood, a street.

These are the facts as I know them...
We are all together in this deal.
We do not all look alike.
I am not making this up.

This blog is dedicated to the funkyness, the difference, the uniqueness of my little burg,

Lat: 35.04 Lon: -89.98....

AKA: Memphis, ("Making Easy Money Pimpin' Hoes In Style") 
The Hood, 
Home of Three Six Mafia, Elvis, Ass Kicking Barbeque and Beale street Blues, 
Memphis State Tigers, The Grizzles, The Tomb of of Doom Bass Pro, too. 

 Named after the Egyptian city on the Nile, (because they knew we would have our own royalty.)
 Prince Mongo, Elvis the King, Jerry "the King" Lawler and BB King.
Its really not such as bad place, despite all the Bad Rap.
We are pretty friendly, really. Just be careful over by the hospitals on Union. Oh, and Lamar, Winchester, Frayser, Raleigh, Whitehaven, Cordova and Orange Mound as well as Binghampton, Northaven and Parkway Village. Does that about cover it?
We are friendly....Come closer.