Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leonard Cohen, Donald Trump and so forth.

Leonard Cohen died today. I don't really know how to feel about it. He never really was on my radar except when he came up with stuff like Hallelujah and Suzanne. He seemed like he had a major depressive disorder but man, did he know how to use it!! In related news, Memphis' new Kroger on Union had a breakout Flash Mob Leonard Cohen tribute in the produce section today featuring the Memphis Symphony and many older people who probably knew who Leonard Cohen was. The was a fellow I noted who was intent on getting his avocados and paid the singers in the Flash Mob no attention what so ever.

It's just funny what can happen in a day.

Take for instance this election. People are convinced we are going to die from the Donald being president. I don't think that's going to happen, but we have to wait and see now. Just like we did for Obama, and all the rest. I voted for Obama because I like him as a person and speaker. Those are probably not reasons to vote for someone. I do not like Donald Trump as a person or a man. He is rude, crude and arrogant. Just the things I don't like about people. Sarcasm is not my thing. Stirring up anger and pushing intolerant agendas are against what I stand for. I love people and they love me back. I usually don't even see color, or religion unless my attention is called to it. I like to think I have an open mind and good heart. I rebelled against my parent's ideas about race and their place and all that old rhetoric.  But apparently there a lot of people who don't see things my way. Someone who voted for him today told me to give him a chance, that maybe this election will reset the norm. I said well i don't think I have a choice. It's not like they are going to let  us go, " hey, we want a do over. "

Now everyone needs the strength to break out of the trance of the digital age and defibrillate your brain because our youth is flat lining in their craniums.  Adults, too. We ARE sheeple. I do see this as the big wake up call for all of America to wake up and realize we have got to get involved. In our children, in our community, in our city, state and country. We are lackadaisical and easily intimidated with all the political jibber jabber, and that is what they want. To baffle us with bullshit while they steal us blind. More on this later.

On a good note, the dogs got baths, I have off the next two saturdays and fun will be had.
We shall be happy and sing bawdy songs and drink fruity drinks.

Later, taters.....

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